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Gail, many thanks for the input into Hannah’s GCSE Art studies over the last few holidays. The courses she attended at Hong Kong Art Tutoring with your unerring support, advise and confidence building skills allowed her to get an A* which she was ecstatic about. Your input and efforts were all worth it – thank you!!

- Caitrin Adorian -

We had a great afternoon with Gail. She has shown us a short presentation where we have learnt a great deal about creativity! This has influenced our team to think out of the box and to be applied at work with our business partners. It was an amazing experience as this is our first time doing arts together as a team. We are very happy about the outcomes. Thanks Gail!

- Jennifer Lee Johnson & Johnson (HK) Ltd. -

We had a life drawing class for a hen party. Gail and the team made us feel so welcome and catered for our every need. The classes were incredibly fun and the terrace is a great place to have some drinks. Would highly recommend it!

- Faye Cable -

Thank you so much for having us. We all had a wonderful time doing something so different with so much fun. The way you introduced the team to art and how value is created hit home very well. I can see how the team literally transformed from being slightly intimidated and hesitant at the beginning, to enjoying their creativity during the activity, all the way to the (wacky) presentations at the end. It was a fantastic wrapping up for the entire ‘retreat’.

- Carmen Ting Head of Talent, People, Performance and Culture, KPMG. -

Great place – HK Art Tutoring ran a team-building afternoon for us and it was a fantastic event. Can’t recommend highly enough – thanks Gail and everyone who helped make it so much fun.

- Stephen Smith Director, Learning & Development, KPMG -

Just a little update, I’ve been accepted to the digital animation programme of Ringling College of Art, and Carmen and I have both been admitted to the illustration programme of Art Center College of Design. The art we did in your course made up the bulk of the life drawing sections of our portfolio, and I’m certain that was a decisive factor in the results of our application. There are no words to describe how grateful we are for your support and guidance these two years! Right now we’re having our public exam so unfortunately we can’t attend your classes, but I really look forward to jumping right in after the exams are finished. Whether Carmen will be able to attend Art Center depends on whether she’ll be granted full tuition subsidy, and I’m still figuring out where I want to go. But regardless of where we’re headed, I just want to say thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.

Thank-you so much

- Fred -

HK Art Tutoring is an amazing place for students who are interested in learning art in various forms and styles. Whether you want to learn some very specific skills and techniques for your art examination or just to sharpen your art skills, this will be the place for you. Gail is a brilliant teacher who is energetic, fun and full of character. Gail is very supportive and encouraging, my daughter has expanded and deepened her love and skill of art.  We can’t thank her enough for that!

- Cynthia Au -

I have Gail to thank for my considerable and life-changing progress in art over the two years of my A-levels. Without her exceptional guidance art wouldn’t have been so enjoyably challenging. Lessons with Gail were a huge learning curve for me, not just in improving my artistic skills but in growing as a person. It is rare that one meets such a warm, intuitive and honest person as Gail.


She is an ardent teacher who genuinely cares about her students and their work, and wants them to succeed. She was candid when I did not put my best effort into art, and it was this passion she has for her students’ work that made me succeed when I did. Her intuition and keen understanding of art guided me to think critically by perceiving what I wanted from the artwork and the next step I should take to make that happen. She puts a strong emphasis on being guided by your intuition and sight with art, and I was frequently told to “listen to my gut feeling” or spend 70% of my time observing and thinking about the dimensions of the objects I was drawing. Therefore, I didn’t just learn to draw lines, I learned to critically observe and understand art. What I admired in Gail above all was her honesty. It was because of her constructive feedback that I went well and beyond what I thought I could do.


There is nothing artificial about Gail, and it is that quality among others that makes her an exceptional person. This honest approach filtrate a into her teaching style, which is based on primary sources and observation. It was from this focus on primary and not secondary sources that I was able to invest emotional authenticity into my work. I feel privileged to have been under the guidance and mentorship of Gail these past two years, and highly recommend her as an art tutor. Thanks to Gail I am considering a career in visual arts.

- Rebekah Brasher, German Swiss Graduate, 2014 -

hey Gail, just a few words of appreciation!


Since Alicia (15yrs) has been attending Gail’s HK Art Tutoring. I have seen dramatic changes in her Art and more importantly she love’s going there!!


I’ve noticed technical improvements such as attention to perspective and detail but this is eclipsed by the fact she is starting to express herself within her Art. I can only say, Alicia is enjoying her Art and getting to the principle, self expression !


Thanks Gail!

- Troy -

Dear Gail,


JJ has benefited greatly from the art tutorial that you have provided to him throughout the year.


He has learned various art techniques and skills from you, including charcoal, mono print, life drawing, color graph prints, mixed-media prints, to name a few.


What he has learned most from you is beyond classroom skills and art itself. Most importantly, he has strengthened his attitude towards art, which has impacted the way he lives and views life.


Hence, he has passed his art classes in school with flying colors, obtaining straight A’s. Furthermore, he was accepted into the college of his choice, where he will pursue an architecture degree. A few of the colleges have also offered him scholarships for his outstanding art portfolio.


Without your support and guidance, we believe the above achievement would not be possible. We would like to thank you for your dedication. You have made JJ a proud boy of ours.

- Daniel Tan -


Gail was born in the UK in 1973. She studied Fine Art at Manchester University, specialising in sculpture.
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