If you'd your work to be considered for Artist of the Week, please submit 4 pieces of work, including your website address to the following email address info@hkattutoring.com


Hong Kong Art Tutoring

21st Floor, Chu Kee Building
435 Kings Road, North Point
Hong Kong
Telephone: +852 9722 8353
Email: info@hkarttutoring.com

Location: Directly opposite the Kings Road entrance of MTR’s B1 North Point Station. The main entrance to the lobby is on Kings Road, in between the Dah Sing Bank and the Bangkok Thai Restaurant. Go to the 20th Floor, turn left out of the lift and walk up the red staircase to get to Hong Kong Art Tutoring.

Parking: The nearest parking is in Island Place on Tanner Road.

Taxis: Are plentiful on Kings Road. Ask for Sunbeam Theatre.

Buses: Take any of the following buses to the Sunbeam Theatre in North Point. 601, 680, 692, N680, N691, 307p, 619, 671, 690

Trams: The tram stops are outside the building.