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Life Drawing. Why do it?

Drawing the figure (Life Drawing) is an intrinsic component to an artist’s development, and embedded into the history of art. Arguably, it is the hardest and most challenging area in art, but the certainly the most rewarding. The experience of drawing models accelerates the process of training the eye, especially in terms of gauging proportion, line and form.

In addition, regular life drawing lessons enable artists to quickly build a portfolio ranging from rapid life drawing sketches to a series of “resolved” drawings from longer poses.

An IB Student’s record of their Life Drawing experience at Hong Kong Art Tutoring

Medium, Oil pastel and turps drawing

Medium, Oil pastel and turps drawing

Medium, Mono print

Medium, Mono print

Medium, Mixed media

Medium, Mixed media

Life drawing class is quiet and tranquil. You are there for 2 hours with nothing to think about other than drawing what’s in front of you. It is a stress-free and healthy opportunity to give your mind a rest, whilst feeding your creative right-side of the brain.

The aim of the course is to give you the foundation skills for life drawing in easy to follow bite-size lessons that you can do in your own time. We will help you capture the movement of the pose and get the positioning, proportions and perspective right. We’ll also show you how to create beautiful lines and tone using various materials such as charcoal, pencils, pastels and paints, whilst getting personal feedback on your work.

Life Drawing is a great class for all ages and abilities, from beginners through to advanced. It is especially great for any students who are studying art GCSE, A-Level, IB, AP or BTEC. It considered a vital component and all work can be submitted into their portfolios for moderation and assessment.

At Hong Kong Art Tutoring, we cater for a wide range of Life Drawing classes, we run regular classes and courses in the studio open to all. Hong Kong Art Tutoring host Hen Parties, a fun and dynamic start to a great night. In addition, we run classes and courses (either on or off site for many of the top of international schools here in Hong Kong, such as Chinese International School, Australian International School, Victoria Shanghai Academy, Kiangsu and Chekiang International School and Creative Secondary School.

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