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Terms and Conditions.

Class and Term Structure

  • Each year is made up of 3 terms
  • Each term shall consist of approximately 12 ninety minute classes (further details of which can be provided upon enquiry and during the enrollment process).
  • A minimum of one class will be held each week.
  • Each student is requested to commit to at least one full term of classes (a “Course”) during the enrollment process. This is to ensure that each student receives maximum benefit of the tuition and to avoid disruption to other students.
  • Each class will involve a maximum of six students. In very rare circumstances the maximum class size may be exceeded. It this does happen it will be by a maximum of one or two students per class and for a very limited period of time.
  • Subject to availability, HKAT can also offer private tuition the content and format of which can be discussed and agreed on a case by case basis. Further details can be found on the web site in this regard under Rates.
  • All classes are non-transferable.
  • Students must arrive at the studio at least five minutes prior to commencement of each class.
  • Students must take careful note of the course timetable as it may not be possible to reschedule classes. No refunds shall be given for any failure to attend a class (without or without prior notice).
  • In exceptional circumstances, HKAT may need to either reschedule or cancel a class but every care will be taken to ensure this does not happen. In such circumstances HKAT will endeavour to reschedule the class to another time the same week failing which a refund shall be given.
  • Classes shall be cancelled in the event that a Black Rain Storm Warning Signal or a Typhoon 8 (or above) Warning Signal is raised by the Hong Kong Observatory and students should monitor warning signals appropriately. Classes cancelled in such circumstances shall be rescheduled at the sole discretion of HKAT. No refunds shall be made for any classes cancelled in these circumstances.
  • HKAT shall exercise discretion in cases where the Red Rainstorm Warning or a Typhoon 3 Warning Signal is raised by the Hong Kong Observatory as to whether or not classes should proceed and in such circumstances HKAT will provide as much prior notice of cancellation as is reasonably possible. Classes cancelled in such circumstances shall be rescheduled at the sole discretion of HKAT. No refunds shall be made for any classes cancelled in these circumstances.
  • HKAT shall not be obliged to either reschedule or refund classes cancelled due to circumstances beyond their reasonable control – a “Force Majeure Event . A Force Majeure Event shall include such events as an act of God, fire, flood, storm, war, riot, civil unrest, act of terrorism, strikes, industrial disputes, outbreak of epidemic or pandemic illness, failure of utility service or transportation.


  • Each lesson (consisting of 90 minutes) shall be charged at the rate of HK$800 per lesson and this shall include all basic materials.
  • In the event that any non-basic or unique materials are required these may be charged in addition to course fees. HKAT will liaise with students (or parents/guardians) to agree such costs before ordering. The full cost of any such additional materials shall be payable in full prior to purchase.
  • A cash deposit to cover the cost of four classes will be required in order to secure a place on each Course. Priority for places shall be given to students who have paid the deposit.
  • The full balance of fees for the entire Course shall be payable in advance no later than two weeks prior to the commencement of the Course. In the event that the balance of Course fees are not paid within the required time frame, both the deposit and the students’ place on the Course shall be forfeited. In this event any forfeited position shall be offered to students on the waiting list.
  • Students will not be allowed to start the Course unless full payment has been received.
  • Fees will be reviewed annually and subject to increase from time to time.
  • Payment of fees can be made in cash, by bank transfer or crossed cheque.

Cancellations Policy

  • In the event that a Course is cancelled by the student prior to commencement (or in the event that the balance of course fees is not paid in the requisite time frame as detailed above) HKAT shall retain the deposit in full.
  • No refunds shall be given in the event that a Course is cancelled following commencement or the start of the term. We advise that you insure against loss of fees in case you need to terminate the Course due to unexpected circumstances.


  • In relation to students under eighteen years of age (as at the date of commencement of the Course) (“Minors”), the student’s parent or guardian must disclose to HKAT upon enrollment (or if not known at that time – as soon possible upon becoming aware of the same):
    • any known medical condition, health problem or allergy affecting the student; and
    • any disability, special educational need or any behavioural or emotional difficulty on the part of the student.
  • which HKAT may need to be aware of in order to properly provide the tutorial services anticipated or which may be necessary in order to safeguard the student’s interests whilst attending a Course at the studio. In these circumstances, parents or guardians must ensure that students are in possession of any required medication such as an Epi-pen or inhaler. Whilst HKAT shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the safeguard of Minors whilst attending classes at the studio it is unable to assume any responsibility in this regard. HKAT does not accept liability in the case of accidental injury or illness of a student on the premises except where such liability is imposed under Hong Kong law.
  • Parents or guardians of Minors must provide appropriate contact details for use in the event of emergency upon enrollment – and must notify HKAT in writing of any change to this information from time to time.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian of a Minor to arrange drop-off and collection of a Minor to and from classes (where appropriate) and HKAT shall not assume any responsibility for such arrangements (including, without limitation, the supervision of Minors prior or to following classes).
  • It is the custom and practice of most art teaching studios, and of this studio, to include some photographs or images of students (or their work) in the studio’s promotional materials such as brochures, posters and on the website. We would not disclose the name or home address of a Minor without a parent or guardian’s consent. Such photographs will have no commercial or contractual value. Parents or guardians who do not want their Minor’s image to appear in any promotional material must make sure their child knows this and must notify HKAT in writing at the time of enrollment.
  • Students are responsible for the security and safety of all personal property that is brought onto the premises. HKAT will not under any circumstances accept responsibility or liability in respect of any damage to or loss of any goods, articles or property of any kind brought into or left at the premises of HKAT.
  • HKAT is not responsible for damage to clothing or personal effects and we recommend that old/inexpensive clothing is worn should they get art materials on them. HKAT will not under any circumstances accept responsibility or liability in respect of any damage to or loss of any goods, articles or property of any kind brought into or left at the premises of HKAT.
  • HKAT shall maintain those insurances which are prescribed by law. All other insurances are the responsibility of the parents including insurance of the student’s personal property whilst attending the premises of HKAT.
  • HKAT reserves the right to cancel a course without refund if a student or parent displays unacceptable or inappropriate behavior at any time.

Intellectual Property

  • HKAT reserves all rights and interests in any intellectual property arising as a result of any class, Course or tuition provided or any purpose associated with the services provided by HKAT. Unless otherwise stated all content contained within this website and at the premises of HKAT is copyright to HKAT.