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“Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt. It empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities which improves teamwork, productivity and where appropriate profits.” – Edward de Bono

Creativity is an essential component of any successful business. For this employees need to be Full-Brain Thinkers, a necessity for growth and progression within any industry or profession. Art is a vehicle for creativity that drives innovation and expansion, intrinsic characteristics of Full-Brain thinking. Building your confidence and Full-Brain Thinking exercises your creativity so that innovation comes naturally and fluently. Work with our artists to explore your team’s creative side as well as add energy, enthusiasm and creativity to your team building events.

Key Outcomes and Objectives

  • Develop and build creative and innovative thought processes
  • Develop positive dynamics within your team through a creative medium
  • Understand and demonstrate the advantages to be gained from working together
  • Increase effective communication

In addition to the team-building packages we also offer -

  • Art lessons at discounted rate for companies that we work with
  • Art events for family days
  • Facilitated Interdepartmental / employee competitions
  • Facilitated employee/charitable Art based events (e.g. Murals, Christmas party, Corporate philanthropy events)

Team Building Activities

Choose either half or full day activities, where you and your team will be guided through an artist’s design cycle. Whether creating work individually or as part of a team, your staff  members will learn how to develop original ideas and themes and from them, execute a creative and successful piece of Art.

Builds confidence and innovative thinking

About Us
The HKAT programme is facilitated by lively and friendly Artists with a strong background in teaching and event delivery. Our Artists look to be as inclusive as possible and we find that, with a little help, participants are often amazed and energised by the quality of what they manage to create. Whether in our space or yours, during the daytime or the evening, we offer fun, challenging and creative solutions to enhance unity in the workplace.

The Activity
Our first step is to meet with you to thoroughly discuss your needs and get an understanding of your company’s culture and personality. From there, we customise an experience to address your objectives. The experience can be on premise like your boardroom, cafeteria, training room or for smaller groups, in our Studio. We bring all supplies and rates vary depending on format, activity, location and number of people.


HKAT Art Team-Building can custom design events to suit your company’s requirements

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We had the pleasure of having Gail and her team of art tutors to facilitate a team building event for our company’s Women’s Day celebration.

The event was designed around the theme of collaboration across departments and allowing our female employees to mingle and create artworks to decorate our conference rooms. It was well attended by over 40 of us and majority had never received any form of art tutoring prior.

We were impressed by the quality and amount of preparation that Gail and her team had put together, the logistics were well thought out, the instruction was simple and easy to follow, and the visual aids and stimulus were interesting. To pack everything from concepts, visuals, discussion, various techniques teaching and actual painting, and plenty of reworks into 4 hours is just incredible, and it is only possible with teachers who are passionate, highly skilled, patient and attentive to details. And above all, Gail and her tutors are personable and have a great sense of humor, abundant interpersonal skills and they were easily understood by “students” of all levels. We enjoyed it thoroughly!

We have no doubt of recommending Gail and we definitely look forward to working with her team again.

Florence Chu
Enterprise Services Director, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

Great place – HK Art Tutoring ran a team-building afternoon for us and it was a fantastic event. Can’t recommend highly enough – thanks Gail and everyone who helped make it so much fun.

Stephen Smith
Director, Learning & Development, KPMG

Thank you so much for having us. We all had a wonderful time doing something so different with so much fun. The way you introduced the team to art and how value is created hit home very well. I can see how the team literally transformed from being slightly intimidated and hesitant at the beginning, to enjoying their creativity during the activity, all the way to the (wacky) presentations at the end. It was a fantastic wrapping up for the entire ‘retreat’.

Carmen Ting
Head of Talent, People, Performance and Culture, KPMG.

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