Team-Building and Corporate Events

Posted on March 14, 2013 · Posted in Courses

Creativity is an essential component of any successful business. However, in corporate or office environments, it’s often over-looked and under-valued. To develop and progress staff need to be able to ‘problem-solve’, ‘think-outside-the-box’ and to explore and experiment with a range of different ideas and tangents. These are essential components in any industry, however they are intrinsic characteristics in Art and Creativity.

Work with our artists to explore your team’s creative side as well as add energy, enthusiasm and creativity to your team building events.

The confidence of your team will always play a major role in your company’s productivity levels and profitability. HKAT offers team building programmes designed to encourage the participants to work together in creating challenging art. Through our fun, creative and collaborative activities, we strive to boost morale, effective communication, enhance group cohesiveness and improve your team’s ability to work through problems.

Key Learnings

  • Explore the strengths and weaknesses of your team / business through art
  • Express the dynamics within your team through a creative medium
  • Learn how to effectively develop and encourage creativity
  • Understand the need to work together
  • Increase effective communication

Builds confidence and innovative thinking

About Us
The HKAT programme is facilitated by lively and friendly Artists with a strong background in teaching and event delivery. Our Artists look to be as inclusive as possible and we find that, with a little help, participants are often amazed and energised by the quality of what they manage to create. Whether in our space or yours, during the daytime or the evening, we offer fun, challenging and creative solutions to enhance unity in the workplace.

The Activity
Our first step is to meet with you to thoroughly discuss your needs and get an understanding of your company’s culture and personality. From there, we customise an experience to address your objectives.  The experience can be on premise like your boardroom, cafeteria, training room or for smaller groups, in our Studio. We bring all supplies and rates vary depending on format, activity, location and number of people.

 HKAT Art Team-Building can custom design events to suit your company’s requirements.

Rates: HK$500 per person
This will include all materials and tuition with a minimum of 2 Artists.

For more information, please contact us:
Hong Kong Art Tutoring
21st Floor, Chu Kee Building
435 Kings Road, North Point
Hong Kong

Telephone: +852 9722 8353

Our Terms & Conditions:
Reduction in number of participants will not be refundable once confirmed.

TYPHOON : In the event that black rain storm/ typhoon signal no. 8 or above is hoisted, decision to postpone the event, if any, please inform HKAT latest by 9:00am on day of event. The event could be postponed within two months.