Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Stephanie Jung

Artist of the Week – Stephanie Jung

Posted on February 2, 2015 · Posted in Artist of the Week

Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Stephanie Jung

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German photographer Stephanie Jung works as a freelance photographer, focusing on her personal projects. She creates multiple exposure images that capture the vibrant and hectic mood of cityscapes. Her approach of using fragmented motion conjures a sense of unusual movement within a still image; the overpopulated and crowed scenes cause lightheadedness and dizziness common feelings within the hustle and bustle of a modern city.

Within the disorder, we see form, motion animated by beautiful lighting. They are simply, intriguing pieces.

In her own words

Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Stephanie Jung

Maigo desu V

Could you please introduce yourself and tell what motivated you to become an Artist? When did you realise you would pursue a life in Art?
My name is Stephanie Jung, I’m 25 and I’m from Germany. After studying Design and Visual Communication, I became a freelance photographer.

At first, I didn’t plan to become an artist, but a photographer. Then, 5 years ago, I started a few internships for an amazing photographer. My time with her was very special, I learned a lot from her and her vision. She was also a great artist with an excellent and unique picture language. During that time I was experimenting a lot, I tried to express my thoughts and feelings through photography. That’s where I could imagine to engage myself with Art.

In your opinion what are the fundamental disciplines or media do you find integral to the work of a photographic artist and why?
I think first of all it’s important to keep yourself motivated, to go on, even when you have doubts. Also, to find many inspiration as you can. This could be through other photographers or artists, music, movies or simply conversations with other people. These days finding inspiration has become more simple, in times of the internet. There are so many blogs, communities or Art platforms, where you can discover so many talented artists.
The internet is also a great (if not the best) media to present yourself and your works. All my clients got to know me through my online presence and it makes work a lot easier.

Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Stephanie Jung

Citylife II

Which contemporaries would you list amongst your personal favorites and why?
Christoph Jacrot, I fell in love with his atmospheric images. He has a  very distinctive style, you recognize his work immediately. I also like that he takes his photographs while walking around different places, it all seems very spontanious.

Julie de Waroquier, I like the symbolism in her art and the way she transforms emotions into stunning artworks. She works (different from me) more conceptual and I like that aspect of photography as well.

Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Stephanie Jung

Berlin view

What are some of the processes involved in creating your works?
There aren’t as many processes as you may think. The biggest part is the motive itself, I’m walking around a lot to find the perfect image, but mostly it’s very spontanious, when I see a scene that fascinates me. Then, of course, Postprocessing is another step, but it takes less time than taking the photograph. People always think it’s the other way round.

Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Stephanie Jung

Maigo desu III

Where do you hope to take your work in the next few years?
I do not have a specific goal for my work. I hope I can go on like this and travel more, discover new favorite places to create new work, it’s important to me to keep on working on my theme. And of course I hope that I can still reach others with my work. Photography is a way to express myself and important thoughts, that’s most relevant aspect.

Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Stephanie Jung


In 2010 Stephanie Jung finished her studies in Visual Communications, where she discovered her passion for experimental photography. She loves to travel all over the world, especially to big cities, to capture the vibrant and hectic mood of a place.

Some of her work has been published in different magazines as well as exhibited in art galleries

All images courtesy of Stephanie Jung  |  www.stephaniejungphotography.de

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