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Artist of the Week – Saki Murakami

Posted on May 4, 2015 · Posted in Artist of the Week

Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Saki Murakami

A page from her sketchbook.

Japanese artist Saki Murakami fuses her Fine Art background with the world of gaming and illustration. Her illustrations that she creates in her own time are dark depictions of fantasy worlds which contain both dark and comical elements.

In her own words

Q: Could you please introduce yourself and tell what motivated you to become an Artist?
A: I’m Saki Murakami, a Japanese Artist. I studied art, specializing in Design and Traditional Art at the Kyoto City University of Arts, in Kyoto, Japan. After graduation and for the past five years, I’ve been working in the games industry, while drawing illustrations in my private time. I view myself to have a dual career—professionally I’m a game artist, and privately I’m an illustrator. Over the past year or so I’ve started displaying my illustrations at a number of different exhibitions, including one most recently put on by Adobe.

Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Saki Murakami

I can see you

My artistic world is one that is both dark and cute, and its inhabitants share those qualities. My strongest motivation as an artist is the desire to express and share my fantasy world. As I am constantly using digital tools at work, when at home I prefer relaxing by using more traditional media (ink on paper).

Q: What artists and influences have driven your work and why?
A: As you can probably guess from similarities in style, I’ve been influenced by Tim Burton. I also like Edward Gorey’s illustrations. In terms of films, I like the worlds of Hitchcock, Stephen King, and Kim Ki-duk, among others. While I am inspired and influenced by these individuals, I don’t want to copy them—through my fantasy world I strive to achieve my own unique style.

Q: How does a piece of work evolve for you? What stages do you go through to get to a finished image?
A: At first I sketch a lot in my notebook. Every day after work, before going to bed, I sketch ideas freely. When a specific idea from my sketches speaks to me, I then draw it an illustration board using pencil. While at this point the sketch is not very detailed, I can already see the finished image in my mind. After the sketch is done, I draw in the details using a very fine (0.05mm) oil-based ink pen.

Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Saki Murakami

Woods 2

Q: Do you feel that gaming imagery benefits from artists that draw on paper, rather than on computer? If so how?
A: Yes I do. I prefer to use pen and pencil on paper over a PC. I love the magic of pencils. I think drawing on paper provides more freedom and gives more opportunity for creative inspiration than digital drawings. While during work I use a tablet for the development of digital images, I still prefer to sketch out the first draft in my notebook.

Q: Lastly, any words of advice for aspiring designers/artists?
A: I don’t feel that I’m in the position to provide advice for other artists yet as I’m just starting out as a professional myself. I just want to express my fantasy world to as many people as possible. I really enjoy my life now, and drawing is an important part of it.

If I had to give one piece of advice it would be this—the more you enjoy what you’re doing the better. Draw for yourself. Draw from your heart. Ask yourself if you’d want to put what you draw on your wall.

Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Saki Murakami

Kitten Queen

Murakami graudated in 2009 from Kyoto City University of Arts Department of General Science of Art. She specialized in Design and Traditional Art.

All images courtesy of Saki Murakami | www.sakirhythm.com

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Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Saki Murakami


Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Saki Murakami

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