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Artist of the Week – Angelina Chavez

Posted on July 27, 2015 · Posted in Artist of the Week

Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Angelina Chavez

Series of self-portraits
Directing my eyes towards my own little world, my family, my own four walls and the life that happens inside of them…

Photographer Angelina Chavez deals with family life, relationships, motherhood and emotions. Her photography allows her to go beyond observation, capturing, as she puts it, that ‘special something’. The images are honest, open and simple.

Her work, a long-term project, documents the changing nature of these relationships.

In her own words

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us what motivated you to become a photographer? When did you realise you would pursue a life in photography?
My name is Angelina Chavez and I am 36 years old. I was born in Germany and, at the age of 26, I decided to move to Rome/Italy where I started studying for a 3 year Masters Degree in photography. I’ve been living here with my boyfriend and our two children for more than 10 years already. I first got in touch with photography at the age of 15 when I attended a 6 month photographic course at school. Watching the magic of film and photographs developing in the darkroom deeply impressed me. My favourite place was the darkroom where I started to conduct different types of experiments with photographic chemicals, papers etc in order to discover their impact on the photographic results. I just loved it!

Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Angelina ChavezMoving to Rome and starting my Masters Degree in photography was one of the best things I have done in my life. Finally I felt in the right place at the right time, being surrounded by people who had the same passion as me. Once I had finished my studies, I tried very hard to make a living with photography; initially with my artistic projects, later on with commercial work. Now I’ve reached my purpose and I am really happy about this.


Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Angelina ChavezWhich artistic project are you most proud of and why?
Honestly, I am proud of all my artistic projects because they all were born instinctively and are an important part of myself. If I should choose one of them, then maybe I’d prefer Family Portrait, the series of self portraits together with my family, because it allows me to watch myself in familiar surroundings and it offers a possibility for my children in the future to observe our life the way I lived it and felt it together with them.


Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Angelina ChavezWhich contemporaries would you list amongst your personal favorites and why?
There are a few photographers I adore and follow: First of all Elinor Carucci, because she has a similar approach to life as me. Watching one of her series many years ago opened my eyes towards intimate photography filled with a poetic aspect. This was a decisive moment in my photographic language. Another photographer I admire is Valentina Vannicola, who is able to create entire worlds full of poetry with her work.


Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Angelina ChavezYour photography has a narrative approach. Why is this?
In my personal work I am kind of a storyteller. Every single photograph is like a small compressed chapter of my life or feelings. I have always seen photography as the only way of expression which I can totally control.

Being in real life a very shy and emotional person, which is often misunderstood, I use photography as my personal unmistakable language.


Hong Kong Art Tutoring | Angelina ChavezWhat inspires you and how does it affect your work?
I get inspired by details, colours, the line between light and shadows, casual equilibrium, but first of all I get captured by expressions, the real ones which occur between one mask and another.

Born in Germany in 1978, Chavez currently lives and works in Rome, Italy. She is represented by SIE agency and her images have been distributed by Masterfile, CORBIS and SimePhoto.

All images courtesy of Angelina Chavez   |  www.angelinachavez.com

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